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Integration with IdoSell-Shop

Step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Log in to your IdoSell account. iaishop
  2. Navigate to Moderation > HTML and JavaScript snippets iaishop
  3. On the following screen click “New Snippet” iaishop
  4. Fill out the form as follows:
    • Snippet title: Chatpirate
    • Active: yes
    • Switching on date: undefinied
    • Switching off date: undefinied
    • Snippet type: HTML
    • Display on devices: all fields
    • Load snippet on the website: "only after the page is fully loaded (AJAX)"
    • Automatic controll and deactivation: no
  5. Click on Edit HTML and paste ChatPirate’s code snippet
  6. Fill out the the rest of the form, with the following data:
    • Link:
    • Content timeout: 5 seconds
    • Shop on subpages: all
    • Visitor type: all
    • Entered discount code: all
    • Filtered by source: no
    • Snippet Title: ChatPirate
    • Active: Yes
    • Display on Devices: Check all boxes
    • Automatic control and deactivation: No
    • Content timeout: 5 seconds
    • Display in: Body section beginning
  7. Click Add

IMPORTANT: In order to see your ChatPirate live chat widget on your store’s webpage, please access any subpage on your store’s webpage.

ChatPirate’s code snippet can be found by accessing your ChatPirate
account and navigating to: Settings > Integrations > Website

Now you’ve successfully integrated ChatPirate with your IdoSell store! Hurray!

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